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Key: MBS-3112
Type: Improvement Improvement
Status: Open Open
Priority: Normal Normal
Assignee: Unassigned
Reporter: PATATE12
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TAB from "Edit note" doesn't go to "Enter edit" in "Release editor"

Created: 29/Jul/11 09:53 AM   Updated: 17/Mar/14 09:03 PM
Component/s: Release editor, User interface - needs help
Affects Version/s: Bug fixes, 2011-08-22
Fix Version/s: None

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Not really a bug but a small ergonomic flaw.

In most edit types (all single page edits I guess), hitting tabulation (TAB key) when inside the "Edit note" text area will lead you to the "Enter edit" button so that you can hit ENTER right away.

However this ergonomic consistency is not kept for "Release edit" type where hitting TAB will lead you to the red "Cancel" button that makes you loose all your hard work if acting too fast.

Here is the work-around from my userjs : Changing tab index without changing layout and confirm cancel :


Edit note
Cancel → Previous → Enter edit


                    Edit note
Cancel ← Previous ← Enter edit

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PATATE12 added a comment - 22/Aug/11 09:05 AM

I higher the priority as it's making loosing many edits and time and it's a quick fix, just changing button order.

Instead of : Cancel | « Previous | Enter edit
We should get : Enter edit | « Previous | Cancel

At least not having cancel button first because when a keyboard user looses this edit, that concerns many edits in one (release edit).

PATATE12 added a comment - 22/Aug/11 10:15 AM

I revert to normal criticality as I found no one else complaining about lost edits like me in the chat logs.
I wrote a fix userjs instead, called Swap cancel and save/submit buttons in release editor, which additionally and optionally asks for cancel confirmation.

Oliver Charles added a comment - 22/Aug/11 11:07 AM

Except that changing the button order is not the correct solution. The correct solution is to change the tab order, back keep the user interface consistent (tabbing should always favor "next" first). The cancel confirmation seems like a great idea.

Kuno Woudt added a comment - 24/Aug/11 08:18 PM

I don't agree the tab order should be changed here. Having tab order flow first to 'enter edit', then to 'cancel' and 'previous' will surprise anyone who expects the default / current tab order (which is a reasonable thing to expect IMO).

IMO cancel can just be removed, I never use it

nikki added a comment - 24/Aug/11 09:04 PM

I have to agree that edit note -> (annoyingly placed auto-editor checkbox ->) cancel is not what I expected either. Changing the tab order would give us the same behaviour we had before at least.

Oliver Charles added a comment - 12/Jan/12 10:43 PM

As this issue has been delayed, I am moving it back to be rescheduled.

PATATE12 added a comment - 16/Feb/12 10:49 AM

Oliver, That's right is was quite strange swapping buttons.
I changed the (cross-browser)userjs so that it now fixes tab indexes cycle without altering the buttons layout.

Nicolás Tamargo added a comment - 02/Feb/13 05:45 PM

The autoeditor checkbox is handy since pressing enter on it does the same than pressing it on Enter Edit. But the couple times I've tried to add releases on sandboxes (i.e. without autoediting privs) I've ended up entering a cancel edit. Note that in the Merge Releases page, the order is the reasonable one: Enter Edit then Cancel. Why is it different in the RE?