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  • Improvement MBS-8371 Due Date: 05/Dec/12 Search in edit notes
  • Bug MBS-6785 Due Date: 14/Oct/13 Tagger button broken in Opera
  • Improvement MBS-6587 Due Date: 28/Oct/13 Show at least one subdivision when searching for areas

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  • Bug MBS-8793 Updated: Last Saturday 03:33 AM Query string is not removed from Twitter links
  • Bug MBS-9058 Last Saturday 02:30 AM "Copy all track titles/artist credits" to existing recordings causes "Add medium" edits to fail on new releases
  • Task MBS-5733 Last Friday 05:17 PM Allow "otherdatabases" to be validated in root/static/scripts/edit/MB/Control/URLCleanup.js

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