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Key: MBS-3066
Type: Bug Bug
Status: Closed Closed
Resolution: Fixed
Priority: High High
Assignee: Kuno Woudt
Reporter: Ryan Torchia
Votes: 2
Watchers: 1

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Splitting to multiple artists using Credits fields only recognises first artist

Created: 21/Jul/11 12:00 AM   Updated: 09/Sep/11 05:58 AM   Resolved: 05/Sep/11 03:47 PM
Component/s: Release editor
Affects Version/s: Bug fixes, 2011-07-18
Fix Version/s: Bug fixes, 2011-07-25, Bug fixes, 2011-08-01, Bug fixes, 2011-09-12

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This occurred in

1) Start with a release that you want to change from Various Artists to multiple artists, like a split release.
2) Add the Artists using the Artist Credits field as usual, but do not uncheck the "Various Artists Release" box.
3) Proceed to the final edit pane.

See updated instructions, below.

RESULT: The edit summary (and voting window) will show only the first artist credit and the first join phrase.

(I'm not sure what the function of the Various Artist checkbox is, exactly. Is it only supposed to be used when the release actually is "Various Artists" or whenever there's more than one artist credited? If the former, why have it be separably editable – it should just key off of whether the artist is "Various Artist".)

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Ryan Torchia added a comment - 21/Jul/11 08:38 AM

Actually, after dealing with this a bit more, it might not be the VA Release Box causing it, because the bug still occurs if I uncheck the box first. What I'm seeing is this:
1) Start with a release that you want to change from Various Artists to a split release between two artists. Tracks on the release should already be credited to one artist or the other.
2) Add the Artists using the Artist Credits field as usual, the click Next to go to the tracklist page.
3) Click on the "credits" link for one of the tracks. RESULT: The credits already have two spaces; the artist previously credited is in the top space and the bottom space is empty.
4) Delete the unused space in the credits for each track, then proceed to the final page. RESULT: the bug described above – only the first artist and join phrase is shown.

WORKAROUND: After step 3, go back to the first panel, Release Info. In the Album Artist panel, relink the two artists (so their backgrounds turn green again), then save the edit.

voiceinsideyou added a comment - 22/Jul/11 02:37 AM

I just hit this problem, as I think did bgibbard in

It's not to do with the checkbox or Various Artists specifically. The simplest way of replicating this step by step is:

1) Go to
2) Click >>
3) Add "Trent Reznor" as an artist credit, search for him.
4) Click "edit notes)
5) Displays "Nine inch Nails &" - edit is broken.
6) Sometimes if you enter the edit it works and you get a broken edit ( - other times you get an ISE. Haven't worked this bit out.

7) Click back to Release Information (don't do anything)
8) Click back to Edit Notes tab -> artist(s) mysteriously appears again.

I think this is major - it's a common use case and it allows broken edits to be entered into the DB.

Calvin Walton added a comment - 23/Jul/11 10:52 AM

If you've added more than 1 artist to the artist credit, only the last one will be lost.
If you've set an "Artist as Credited" name on the last artist, this bug doesn't occur.

voiceinsideyou added a comment - 23/Jul/11 05:39 PM

When i did it with more than 2 artists it still only showed the first one. But I guess academic if Kuno thinks it is fixed now

Kuno Woudt added a comment - 25/Jul/11 03:26 PM

merged into master in commit commit 29374e81df1ed2420386ba143ddc1d475dbb6fd3 .

Andrew John Hughes added a comment - 25/Jul/11 11:29 PM

Was seeing this too; good to see it fixed today.

Andrew John Hughes added a comment - 26/Jul/11 12:15 AM

Spoke too soon, the current version is worse.

It appears to be correct in the edit screen, but in the edit history ( it's still incorrect.

Andrew John Hughes added a comment - 26/Jul/11 12:15 AM

Andrew John Hughes added a comment - 26/Jul/11 12:19 AM

Specifically (now cancelled)

tele added a comment - 26/Jul/11 08:16 AM

I'm guessing MBS-3097 is related here.
I was able to change the Release Artist to multiple artists
However it did cause "Change track artists: Yes" which then Incorrectly changed the Track Artist to match.

Kuno Woudt added a comment - 26/Jul/11 07:00 PM

fixed in master, commit d6b9c4832d1b0b5e9b1d75f00439047edc1033a1 .

Also pushed to production just now.

Nicolás Tamargo added a comment - 01/Sep/11 11:46 PM

This is back. It does work in the tracklist tab now though, which makes it less serious, but still annoying.

Kuno Woudt added a comment - 02/Sep/11 02:23 PM

Steps to reproduce this on the current production branch / server:

1. open http://localhost:3000/release/add
2. enter a release title (I used "MBS-3066 test")
3. enter two artists, do not change credits or join phrases (I used "The Prodigy & David Hasselhoff")
4. go to the tracklist tab (either basic or advanced, the bug occurs in both cases)
5. enter a single track, and credit it to a single artist (I used "Test" credited to "Britney Spears")
6. go to the edit note tab

Kuno Woudt added a comment - 05/Sep/11 03:47 PM

fixed in master, commit 08ea2c657aa7e776051c26fe554fda7376bed726