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  • [MBS-3619] - Statistics page doesn't validate
  • [MBS-3794] - A "no votes" edits got wrong status "failed vote"
  • [MBS-3834] - Hovering over artist names in "edit medium" tracklist changes does not show the artist sort name
  • [MBS-4082] - Titles including quote marks are truncated when adding from a CD Stub
  • [MBS-4131] - Edits show credited-as name when it's the same as the artist name
  • [MBS-4183] - Release editor: enters new artist if no radio button selected on 'add missing entities' tab
  • [MBS-4314] - Add interface elements to reorder tracks on a tracklist without having to edit the tracknumbers.
  • [MBS-4367] - Current search URLs are broken on the test server
  • [MBS-4418] - beta.mb is unresponsive
  • [MBS-4467] - ws/2/label doesn't include label comment
  • [MBS-4484] - Limited user can vote on edits
  • [MBS-4500] - ISE: 'Can't call method "is_auto_editor"' when attaching a TOC
  • [MBS-4504] - Set default unknown value for medium.format_name


  • [MBS-834] - Weird behaviour of the search checkboxes
  • [MBS-1728] - Make ModBot's edit notes grey again
  • [MBS-1764] - Inconsistent display for merge edits
  • [MBS-1941] - release event edits should show more information
  • [MBS-2242] - Disable editing of Medium title when there's only one medium
  • [MBS-2412] - User tags should be sorted
  • [MBS-2867] - RE: "Add n track(s)" should reset to 1
  • [MBS-3171] - Overview and Recording pages need to be able to exclude featured guest spots from display
  • [MBS-3208] - Trim leading/trailing whitespace in release editor prior to Add Missing Entities check
  • [MBS-3398] - Detect "M" in front of track numbers
  • [MBS-3482] - "YouTube Relatiionship Type" needs autofix and doc
  • [MBS-3628] - Prevent people from adding broken Facebook URLs
  • [MBS-4234] - Move Basic search logic from mbserver to searchserver
  • [MBS-4390] - Display disambiguation comments better in tooltips
  • [MBS-4490] - "CD N" in Add disc from existing tracklist is confusing
  • [MBS-4523] - Statistics: Use commas and right-align numbers
  • [MBS-4535] - Make visited links more prominent

New Feature

  • [MBS-3160] - Add view to artist pages that shows release groups/recordings/etc credited to that artist only (solo releases only - exclude collaborations, feat., etc)
  • [MBS-3266] - Allow filtering by artist credit


  • [MBS-4017] - Filter releases on the artist page by artist credit
  • [MBS-4018] - Filter recordings on the artist page by artist credit
  • [MBS-4019] - Filter release groups on the artist page by artist credit

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