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Key: MBS-1715
Type: New Feature New Feature
Status: Closed Closed
Resolution: Fixed
Priority: Normal Normal
Assignee: Oliver Charles
Reporter: Oliver Charles
Votes: 11
Watchers: 6

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No page to view top editors

Created: 07/Apr/11 12:36 PM   Updated: 09/Jul/12 07:35 AM  Due: 22/Nov/12   Resolved: 09/Jul/12 07:35 AM
Component/s: Data display, Misc features
Affects Version/s: NGS - Final
Fix Version/s: Bug fixes, 2012-07-09

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Ian McEwen added a comment - 29/Oct/11 10:28 PM

Notes to self:

Page includes:

  • Most active editors in the last week (open and accepted edits)
  • Most active editors overall (accepted edits only)
  • Most active voters in the last week (yes and no votes only)
  • Most active voters overall (yes and no votes only)

Oliver Charles added a comment - 22/Nov/11 08:07 PM

Agreed to try and schedule within the next 12 months in this meeting:

Oliver Charles added a comment - 09/Feb/12 09:50 PM

Filling in missing due date

Oliver Charles added a comment - 14/Jun/12 03:32 PM

nikki added a comment - 14/Jun/12 03:52 PM

I've tried five times, but the page just won't load.

Oliver Charles added a comment - 14/Jun/12 03:56 PM

Sorry, it's just indexing. I will let you know when indexes are built and this should work.

Oliver Charles added a comment - 14/Jun/12 04:06 PM

Ok, one index is done and that seems to get the page to load now.

nikki added a comment - 14/Jun/12 04:31 PM

I don't think bots should be included in the top editors list. It feels weird to me because it's very easy for bots to make thousands of edits, so it's just not comparing like with like (I wouldn't object to a separate section for bots though). At the rate we're going, it will just end up being mostly bots (there are four there already and two more which would show up soon). I also seem to recall that we used to exclude ModBot and FreeDB.

Pavan Chander added a comment - 14/Jun/12 05:04 PM

In comparing and, some of the edit and vote values have gown down over the past year. Why is that?

Edit counts: ojnkpjg, zout, and teleguise
Vote counts: ojnkpjg, keschte, voiceinsideyou, RhYnoECfnW, Trongersoll, bogdanb, and jellyfish

Luca Salini added a comment - 15/Jun/12 01:08 PM

Could the voting part be due to approvals being counted separately?

Oliver Charles added a comment - 18/Jun/12 02:30 PM

@navap: For votes - the old code seemed to include abstain and no votes, while the new stats filter out abstains (and no votes aren't even a vote). For edit counts, we have ran scripts to recalculate edit count stats, so it could be that the old server has incorrect statistics. It also looks like the old server didn't filter out cancelled/failed edits, while the new server does.

Oliver Charles added a comment - 18/Jun/12 02:56 PM

Ok, I've addressed the comment about bots and updated However, our public data sets don't include whether or not an editor is a bot, so you won't see any changes.

Oliver Charles added a comment - 25/Jun/12 10:53 AM

This is in beta testing with the origin/mbs-1715 branch.

nikki added a comment - 03/Jul/12 01:26 PM

This is no longer working for me. I've refreshed the page 10 times (approximately. I lost count) and every single time was a 502.

Oliver Charles added a comment - 03/Jul/12 02:32 PM

@nikki: Seems like something fell out of cache. I've just ran beta's cron jobs to refresh that. Not sure exactly why it fell out of cache though...